We always strive to set high goals, leading to motivation, implementation and expansion of horizons of entrepreneurs and investors.

To promote the establishment and development of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture in the country
To support initiatives aimed at creating their own businesses, providing financial support from Business Angels, institutions and companies
Ensure access and extend funding opportunities for entrepreneurial activity
Provides opportunities for knowledge to entrepreneurs through training programs and other opportunities for learning
Promote and inform the public about the opportunities provided by the Business Angel investment system, both for entrepreneurs and investors
Cooperate with universities, schools and organizations to develop trainings and entrepreneurial skills and culture
Initiate proposals for legislative changes in support of entrepreneurial activity in the country and investment provided by Business Angels
Cooperate with business and non-profit organizations in order to support the business environment and increase investment activity
To expand the opportunities for investments, both domestic and foreign investors
Maintain and inform all stakeholders about the latest trends and opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
To present and assert the interests of its members in and outside the country
To create a unified code of ethics of Business Angels in the country and propose establishing a system for the identification and certification of "Business Angel”
Liaising with international organizations of Business Angels in order to promote the country as an attractive destination for investment and support entrepreneurial environment
To join and actively participate in international associations/conferences of Business Angels in order the country to be represented, sharing know-how, best practices and attracting investments