Be an entrepreneur!

The entrepreneur is person that has started and operated business, accepting all the risks and rewards of relevant business venture, idea, product or service offering. The entrepreneur is seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes. Entrepreneurs have a key role in the economy. They are people who have the skills, take the initiative to bring new ideas to market and make the right decisions to implement the idea profitable. Entrepreneurship is one of the key drivers for the realization of innovation and a catalyst for changes in the economy by "new combinations" in business or opening up new markets.

If you:

Have an innovative and unique idea, but do not have enough money to realize it
Have just started a company, but you think you have a great potential for growth
Need financing from active investors and partners
Need a partnership that will help for networking, business development and acquisition of know-how
Need advice and guidance to present the project to potential investors
Are looking for support during negotiations

You can contact us and send your projects/ideas at any time to "Bulgaria Angels", because:

"The time is always right when we want to do the right." Martin Luther King