Be a Business angel!

Business angels are mostly individuals, successful entrepreneurs, investors or managers who invest part of their own money in startups. Usually they invest in the earliest stage of the development of companies and businesses with high growth potential. Business Angels invest for profit in return they receive part of the company.
In addition to providing equity funding, Business Angels contribute to the companies in which they invested with professional skills, know-how, experience, network of contacts and a broad worldview.

Business Angels are:

A key element of the sources of financing of new and growing businesses
An important part of the chain to support and stimulate the development of innovative companies at risk stage of their lives
Invest by acquiring shares in the company
Invest for financial reasons, but have a strong connection and commitment to the company
Endeavor to be part of the success of the project /business
Have a previous experience in the industry or sector in which they invest and open up more opportunities for companies in which they invest
Invest in more than one company to diversify the risk
Can invest, associating with other business angels (syndicates)
 Maintain active relationships with all stakeholders from the entrepreneur ecosystem, which allows smooth transition and sustainable partnership for start-ups and new companies in the next stages of the business cycle
 Business angels usually invest in early stage of development of startup, product, technology or service.