Bulgarian Association of Business Angels

Bulgarian Association of Business Angels  is an organization which main function is to provide а connection and interaction between the entrepreneurs and Business angels. Entrepreneurs are at start up stage, small or medium-sized companies who are looking for opportunities for financing their unique and innovative business ideas or already established market niche, but with great potential for growth. Business angels are individuals looking to invest part of their own resources in promising businesses who have the ambition to create, modify and/or improve processes, business models or entire industries through innovative approaches to delivering solutions for consumer or social problems.

Bulgarian Association of Business Angels - Bulgaria Angels is a national organization representing Business Angels in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Association of Business Angels is replacing the Association of Bulgarian Business Angels (ABBA) with a new look, energy, team of professionals and a strong presence in Bulgaria resumed in September 2015.

The Business angels and early stage investors have significant contribution for the development and support for the entrepreneurial environment and the economy in Europe for the recent years. In 2015 the investment by business angels is EUR 6.1 bn. (EUR 5.8 bn. in 2014.).

These are just few of the prerequisites for restarting and motivation of Bulgaria Angels to establish, present and develop this model in Bulgaria. We believe that combining international practices and know-how with the specifics of the enterprise and business environment in Bulgaria will not only contribute to a significant economic impact for the country but also globally.

Bulgarian Association of Business Angels is committed to represent and unite all parties related to the investment process involving business angels in order to provide accessible and structured entrepreneurial environment in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Association of Business Angels - Bulgaria Angels will be focused on the implementation of the world’s best practices in business angel investment system in Bulgaria. One of the main directions the Association will be actively working is to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By creating and activating a number of business angel networks acting at an operational level across the country, will inform and build infrastructure between business angels and entrepreneurs. National coverage of the Bulgarian Association of Business Angels will unify the voice of business angel investment community in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Association of Business Angels - Bulgaria Angels aims to attract, train and organize attractive opportunities for potential investments in startups from Bulgarian and international venture capitalists.